Wentworth Style

Patty Cooke founded Wentworth Style after decades managing the marketing programs for some of New England’s most prominent builders and real estate companies. Throughout her career, Patty’s talent for design consistently expanded her roles from marketing manager to company-wide design guru. Clients and employers turned to her to create – and communicate – the unique character of both brands and special places. Her job responsibilities extended well beyond the typical marketing tasks to encompass selecting décor for resort properties, staging model homes, working with architects to create new spaces and occasionally even giving the boss’ home a whole new look.

In 2010, Patty decided to simplify her life and focus on design (although she can’t resist taking on some fascinating marketing projects on the side). Today, Patty works directly with Wentworth’s clients on everything from developing the concept, design and plan of execution for complete renovations, to interior and exterior design consultation, including interior design, staging, color consultation and overall aesthetics.

Through Wentworth Style, Patty’s goal is to create special places — whether a private home, community or a commercial space.

Patty Cooke, Wentworth Style

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?When you contact us, we’ll ask you lots of questions about your project and provide information about how we would achieve your objectives. Typically, we then set up an on-site consultation (usually 2 hours). We try to provide some immediate recommendations at this first meeting. After the first meeting, we would define the scope of the project, agree upon a plan and get started!
How do you charge?
We charge $250.00 for the initial consultation and bill hourly for subsequent work. Each job is different. The time required will depend upon the scope of services, your ability to make decisions, and how involved you want to be in the process. Sometimes the initial consultation is all it takes to get over a design or decorating hurdle.