My Favorite New England Artist (and My Sister)

Artwork is a very important finishing detail in every home. The art that you love reflects who you are and what brings you joy, encourages contemplation, or sparks your own creativity.

My very favorite New England artist is Elaine Sullivan Chamberlain. She also happens to be my sister. For many years, I took her talent for granted because she has always been that good! I tease her that her attention to detail began when we were little and she made acorn people with little outfits on! Really? (yes!)

Lanie lives in Massachusetts. She has an incredibly varied portfolio and resume, and works in a wide range of mediums. As a few examples…
• Portrait illustrations of political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Weld and Newt Gingrich that have been featured on the editorial pages of the Boston Globe, New Your Times and Chicago Tribune;
• Painted portraits for business and public figures such as Richard Egan (founder of EMC) and Walter Cronkite (news anchorman)
• Artifact and painting restorations for the Peabody Museum (at Harvard University) and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
But it is her paintings that take your breath away most of all.

When I am working on a project and need the perfect piece of original art for a perfect spot, Lanie is the first person I go to. Often she paints just because she loves an image and is compelled to paint it. Sometimes — if I beg and she has the time — she will paint on commission for me. I even get to be her “artist rep” when people contact her for work! (Anyone who lives in Groton,MA has been blessed to see one of her paintings hanging in the lobby of the Groton Public Library as you enter… and many of those people want a painting just like THAT!)

Just look at this work! (And yes, the image of the stones is a painting!)

New England Artist Elaine Chamberlain

Barn painting Elaine Chamberlain

painting of barn window by Elaine Chamberlain

Painting of MA barn by artist Elaine Chamberlain

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