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Taking a Blogging Break

I’m working on a lot of great projects right now — so many, in fact, that I just don’t have much time to sit at my computer to write blog posts. Week after week, I have “write blog post” on my To Do list but there always seems to be so many things that take […]

Design Tips for a Step Down Room

Like its name suggests, a step down room is a room that is a step or two down from the main, first floor level of a home. A step down room might be created to provide a higher ceiling or to delineate a different space in a free-flowing floor plan. Family rooms, in particular, are […]

The Ins and Outs of Selecting Lattice

                        Lattice is a great solution for screening around the base of a cottage or under a deck or porch. The open weave provides a light, casual look and lets air circulate freely. However, all lattice is not created equal. Lattice should be carefully […]

Valuable Advice from Home Improvement Show Hosts

My friends all roll their eyes when I get on my soapbox about the unreality of reality home improvement shows. One of my biggest pet peeves is that many shows are completely unrealistic about pricing — at least for those of us living in New England. The price of everything involving home renovation — from […]

How to Choose Windows for Your Renovation

Window selection is one of the most important decisions in a renovation. While all choices matter, windows have a huge impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of the entire house. They are also a big ticket item so you don’t want to make a mistake! How do you choose the best windows for […]

Making the Most of Kitchen Corners

In many kitchens,  the corner is often that spot that gets under-utilized. Cabinet companies have developed better storage solutions for kitchen corners, but often I still have a problem how this space feels as you stand there facing it. Working with a client this week, we looked at the proposed kitchen layout they were considering. […]

The Beauty of Built-Ins

I incorporate built-ins in almost all of my projects because they are a great way to add space-saving function and visual interest. There are so many ways to use built-ins in every room! Here are just a few: Living Rooms and Family Rooms — Shelves are a perfect way to store and showcase books, framed […]

6 Essential Planning Steps for a Smooth Home Renovation

One of the most important parts of any home renovation project is the front-end planning. The more planning done, the smoother the project goes. Clearly, the actual design for the renovation is vital, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are six other key steps to consider: 1. Build consensus Many of […]

“Seeing” Your Home Renovation Before Construction

A client recently asked me a question that I hear often. She asked if I was surprised how her home renovation turned out. The good news is that the answer was “no”. My job is to see what a space can be and get it there. Although it is always a thrill to see the […]

Our Wolfeboro Home Renovation Takes Shape

I’ve gotten a little behind in my chronicle of my own home renovation. July has been busy! If you missed my previous posts, the short story is that my husband and I decided to live full-time in an historic house that we originally bought as a second home. An addition that was planned for some […]