The Ins and Outs of Selecting Lattice

Lattice before renovation


lattice after renovation














Lattice is a great solution for screening around the base of a cottage or under a deck or porch. The open weave provides a light, casual look and lets air circulate freely. However, all lattice is not created equal. Lattice should be carefully selected because the scale, material and construction can make the difference between a polished look that enhances the exterior of your home versus a look that is more chaotic.

Like so many things in life these days, there are LOTS of choices! Here is what you should consider when selecting  lattice:


porch lattice


Look at your home’s exterior. If a lot is already going on, I suggest you go with a square pattern. I use this style most often (vs. a diamond pattern). Squares give a cleaner look and add a bit more style.

When budgets allow, I go with cedar lattice and then spray it with a stain. Cedar lattice holds up and looks great up close. If the low-maintenance of vinyl is appealing, there are some nice options that come in both squares and diamonds. Vinyl lattice typically comes in white and dark green (the two most frequently used colors), but many companies also make a line that can be painted. If you decide to go with vinyl, just make sure the lattice strips are not too thick or it won’t look good!

Size of Openings:
“Privacy” lattice has a tighter grid pattern; “classic” has larger openings. The right choice depends upon your preference. I use the “privacy” most often because I think it gives a nicer finished look.

Framed panels:
For a more finished look, lattice panels surrounded by a frame will feel neater and more styled.

Foundation color:
You can often see the gray concrete of the foundation through lattice. I like painting the foundation to camouflage the foundation and create a cleaner look. This is particularly important if the lattice is going in a location that you frequently see, such as under a front porch.

There’s a lot to think about! If you need some inspiration, take a look at lattice pictures on or give me a call!