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Valuable Advice from Home Improvement Show Hosts

Wentworth Style

My friends all roll their eyes when I get on my soapbox about the unreality of reality home improvement shows. One of my biggest pet peeves is that many shows are completely unrealistic about pricing — at least for those of us living in New England. The price of everything involving home renovation — from the base price of the home, to materials and labor for improvements — is much, much higher than most shows lead you to believe. Yet despite the high cost of New England living, I would never leave. I love New England and feel that we live in one of the most amazing places in the country.

Anyway, I recently found myself actually agreeing with the stars of one reality show! Jonathan and Drew Scott, the stars of HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” “Property Brothers at Home,” “Buying & Selling,” and “Brother vs. Brother,”  wrote a book called “Dream Home” that was excerpted in the Boston Globe. The brothers summarize their dos and don’ts for renovations that give you the best return on investment and the most enjoyment and functionality in your home. You can read the article here.

Their summary of dos and don’ts are pretty much the same thing I tell each of my clients, but I would add one thing. Don’t forget the power of “three wows”! It is key to provide at least three special details or features that give your home personality and pizazz. Maybe it’s unique built-ins developed for a special spot, a distinctive finish that is planned from the start so it looks as if it is just meant to be there, or even a wall located to highlight a special piece of art and provide a stunning focal point.

So many of my clients say it is their “wows” that really make their house feel like home!