Making the Most of Kitchen Corners

In many kitchens,  the corner is often that spot that gets under-utilized. Cabinet companies have developed better storage solutions for kitchen corners, but often I still have a problem how this space feels as you stand there facing it.

Working with a client this week, we looked at the proposed kitchen layout they were considering. The main cabinet run ended as the room transitioned to the dining area. The sink, stove and dishwasher were all on one wall, with the refrigerator under the staircase.

Instead, I redesigned the space to give you an “ell” to the kitchen. In doing so, this created:
• Additional counter space for stools on the other side as well as use as a buffet serving area;
• A corner sink that gave a more open feel while improving the sight line to adjacent living space;
• A new home for the refrigerator, freeing up space for a new pantry and saving on the cost of more cabinets;
• New pantry to be built under the stairs.

See below for the changes to the plan! This is about to be a really good kitchen!



Kitchen design plan that makes the most of kitchen corners

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