The Beauty of Built-Ins

I incorporate built-ins in almost all of my projects because they are a great way to add space-saving function and visual interest. There are so many ways to use built-ins in every room! Here are just a few:

Living Rooms and Family Rooms — Shelves are a perfect way to store and showcase books, framed family photos, interesting souvenirs from travels and so much more!

living room built-in storage

Kitchens — Shelves are clearly great for storing cookbooks, but what about adding a lamp? Or a piece of artwork? Or using them to store serving platters and dishes?

kitchen built-in storage Wentworth Style

Mudrooms — Shelves and cubbies are a classic way to contain all the clutter that accumulates close to the door. Consider adding designated areas for outgoing mail, books on local hikes, or that all-important phone charging location!

built-in mudroom storage Wentworth Style

Bar Areas — Sure you could add more cabinetry, but open shelves on an accent wall or even in front of a window can be more interesting!

open bar and kitchen storage Wentworth Style

The key is to treat built-ins as a visual accent and extension of the room, rather than just as storage space. Consider drawing the eye by painting the back wall of a built-in with an accent color or covering it with beadboard or reclaimed wood. When you arrange items on the shelves, think about their visual impact. It takes time and a careful consideration to transform open shelves from mere storage to an inviting showcase. And don’t forget lighting! Accent lighting can transform your built-in from a dark corner to a work of art.

When you get it just right, built-ins can really make the room!