Our Wolfeboro Home Renovation Takes Shape

I’ve gotten a little behind in my chronicle of my own home renovation. July has been busy!

If you missed my previous posts, the short story is that my husband and I decided to live full-time in an historic house that we originally bought as a second home. An addition that was planned for some point in the future all of a sudden became a priority. We broke ground in late May. If you want to read more, check out these posts: Wolfeboro Historic Home Renovation Round 2 and Our Wolfeboro Home Renovation Begins!

So here we are in July and the addition is starting to take shape!

Wolfeboro NH historic home renovation

Huge kudos goes to Nick Lagannas and his crew (Carroll County Exteriors). These guys are skilled and meticulous… and, especially with a job like this, paying attention to every detail along the way is key.

Tying an addition into an old structure is always a challenge, but a tricky design has added to the fun. We needed to incorporate varied floor heights and elevations. The goal was to work with the existing grade, keep the addition in scale to the house and maintain the lines of a classic New England farmhouse — if you are familiar with the term “vernacular Vermont” architecture, my house is a great example, despite the fact that we are in New Hampshire.

The need for a two-car garage under the house drove the size of the space. On the main living floor, the family room has lots of light (and amazing views to the rear). The top floor was brought down as much as possible to incorporate a back staircase leading to the master bedroom and bath. By using lower knee walls and shed dormers, all of the roof ridges are lower than the existing house.

Rough plumbing and electric is underway…

Exterior roof trim is wrapping up and by the time I post this, the roof shingles and siding should be moving right along!

Thanks for sharing my renovation journey with me. If you’ve got any questions or comments, please use the “conversation” link below.

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New England Home Design Resources: Stonework

One of the (many) things I love about what I do is having the chance to meet with amazingly creative people. Most people in the building industry – or, more specifically, the ones that are great at what they do – have a passion. They recognize this passion, recognize that they are lucky to have found this in their lives and, as a result, are usually great at what they do.

I recently had the chance to meet some of these people: The King family of Natt King Stoneworks in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. There’s the dad, Natt, a third generation mason; son, Caleb, a fourth generation mason; and wife/mother Denise who is a creative talent as well (and I need to mention the six kitties who likely run the house!). Working throughout the Lakes Region (and selective jobs as far as Concord MA), this team of artisans does some of the most creative stone projects I have seen.

What’s so special? Well, just take a look at this:

Natt King Stoneworks natural stone fireplace

This is the most amazing fireplace that I have ever seen. It looks like a natural stone cliff, but it suits the house. The scale, the stones selected and the attention to detail are all part of why this is such a stunning feature.

Natt King Stoneworks also builds beautiful fireplaces that are a little more traditional, as well as walls, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens and so much more — including wood fired ovens (which I would LOVE to have). Just take a look at their website at www.nattkingstoneworks.com. You’ll be amazed!



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