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I always look to incorporate as many drawers as possible in my kitchen designs. Drawers frequently offer easier access and more storage than many of your traditional cabinets. But how about in mudrooms and entries? Everyone needs a “junk drawer” – even kids! So in this location, I try to incorporate them there as well… right down to personalized knobs!

Giraffe knob soccer ball knob Lion knob Basketball knob

In bedrooms… consider building drawers right into under-eave space. The built-ins give you additional storage without taking up floor space with another piece of furniture.

Built in bedroom drawers

If you have old drawers, there are lots of fun things that you can do with them.  Here are two creative ideas…

Lydia’s Café — one of my favorite local cafés here in Wolfeboro, NH — had a great idea to gain some additional shelf space. See what they did?

shelf hung on wall for storage

Take the drawer from an old dresser or hutch, turn it and hang it right onto the wall. If you have some carpentry skills (or know someone who does!), consider adding a few shelves. Depending on the depth of the drawer, these can be a unique bookshelf, a great spice rack or (as seen in Lydia’s) the perfect spot to store extra cups and lids for coffee to go!

Drawers can even be used as a kind of artwork. Take a look at this front view of the registration desk at Chicago’s Lincoln Hotel. How cool is that?

Drawers in Lincoln Hotel front desk

Do you have other great ideas for using drawers? Feel free to share using the comment link under this post!

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