New England Home Design Treasures: Cornish Trading Company

People who know me laugh when they hear me say this: I hate shopping. Really.

But I DO love exploring and discovering the just right thing, for the just right space, for the just right feel in a home. I stand by my philosophy that your home is a special place that should be filled with special touches that just bring a smile to your face.

You may find things that you like in chain stores, but I feel the really special items are found in one-of-a-kind shops that tend to be off the beaten track. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite New England sources for home design treasures in the months to come, but I wanted to start with one of my MOST favorite places. Now that spring is here, the Cornish Trading Company in Cornish, Maine has re-opened for the season.

Cornish Trading Company source for Wentworth Style

The Cornish Trading Company is amazing. There is a wide array of styles (or what I refer to as “levels of rustic”. Some things will work great for a seasonal camp – other items for that renovated old home – others for a more traditional home that needs something a bit out of the ordinary).

It’s a co-operative shop (meaning multiple dealers) run by a great couple, Mike and Lisa Fulginiti. Their energy and creativity is clearly well represented by the dealers they let participate in the store. And as I spoke to Mike the other day, he was planning his trip to this spring’s Brimfield Antique Flea Market. This means more treasures on the way to Cornish!

Below is a shot of a wonderful new treasure… it’s an 1800’s clock that hung on the Town Hall in Morrisville, Vermont. Not sure this will end up inside or outside of the North Main Street project but watch for it… it will end up somewhere!

Oversized clock found by Patty Cooke at Cornish Trading Company

Here’s the link to their web site:  And make sure to make a day of it with lunch or dinner at the BEST restaurant … Krista’s! (Save room for the chocolate cake!!!)

unusual home furnishings Wentworth Style

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