Decorating with Vintage Postcards

antique photos for decorating

A client recently asked me if I knew of a good place to find antique photos of summer life in New Hampshire. Her question made me realize how much I love decorating with vintage postcards. The postcards not only have some wonderful images… they often have a “story” on the other side. It is fun to see the wonderful, script handwriting, the date of the postmark, where they were sent, and the personal messages that often tell great stories of days gone by.

I usually find vintage postcards in antique stores or even some consignment shops. Though the quality can vary, the postcards often are in great old frames. When hung up in a grouping they look wonderful! Antique postcards can also be eye-catching “filler” for small, odd sized spots where there is not room for a large piece of artwork, but the space needs something.

I often select a few cards and have them framed at the local framing store. I typically do these in a long, vertical shape as a way to fill a thin area of wall space that needs some interest.

On a recent project, I took my decorating with vintage postcards a step further. The kitchen on this project had “bin” style drawers with glass fronts. You’ve probably seen these drawers filled with dried beans or pasta (or sometimes flour or nuts) to create the look of an old-fashioned farm kitchen. Well… I didn’t want to do that! So first, I put in a bunch of antique doorknobs left over from the project. It looked pretty good… but I was worried that the weight of these (heavy!) old knobs couldn’t be good resting against the glass.

So… I selected a few antique postcards I had of Wolfeboro, NH. I took them to a copy center and enlarged the images. Then I inserted the enlarged vintage postcards in the drawer fronts. I made sure to use color images to add zip to the lower section of cabinets. They draw your eye from across the room and add a fun bit of local history to an old house.

Take a look…

decorating with enlarged vintage postcards

enlarged vintage postcards in kitchen

What do you think? Could you picture decorating with vintage postcards in your home? Click the comments link at the top of this post to start a conversation if you are viewing this post from the home page of the blog, or scroll down to leave comments and share the post if you are on the main page for the post. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Wendy Ducharme says:

    I use old (and new) postcards as artwork and they always prompt interesting discussions! Everybody loves to compare areas then and now and talk about all the changes. Thanks for the great ideas!

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