Wolfeboro, NH Historic Home Renovation Round 2

Cooke house Wolfeboro, NH

Sometimes the path that life takes is unpredictable. My husband and I were looking for office space in downtown Wolfeboro when an abandoned 1850’s home on Main Street caught our eye. We bought the house and I designed it to work as space for my office and as a guest house for visiting family and friends. Fast forward two years and guess what? We decided to move into the house full-time.

The decision came about out of a desire to simplify life – although it sure doesn’t feel like simplifying at the moment. We are gearing up for another major renovation but this time we will be living through it on site.

The first time around, I completely renovated the house. It just needed a lot of TLC to become the gem that we knew it could be. (You can see more photos in the Wentworth Style home design portfolio or on my Houzz profile.) The results were so dramatic that it won the 2014 award for Best Historic Renovation from New Hampshire Home magazine. More than 500 visitors also came through the house when it was on Wolfeboro’s Annual Hospice Tour.

The renovated house worked really well as the guest house and office space that we had originally envisioned, but it was a little cramped for full-time living – particularly when my three adult children are all in town! Fortunately, I had left options open when I planned the first renovation.

NH Historic Home Renovationf Wolfeboro Nh historic home renovation back of house

We had removed a large section to the rear of house at the start of the initial renovation. Rot and structural issues had made this section unsalvageable. However, I planned the first phase of renovation design to accommodate adding the piece back on in the future. The house worked well without it – but could be even better if we (or future) owners decided to add the space.

Here we are just two years later and we are preparing to break ground on this addition. Our new rear ell will include a great room, a transition space that includes a bar area, vaulted space to add light, and a stairway up to the second floor with a new master bedroom and bath. A lower level entry mudroom and two-car garage make the most of the sloping terrain.

Excavation will begin mid-May! I’ll keep you updated as the project moves along. Here we go!

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